Houston Memorial Research Awards

The Awards are given in memory of Professor W J B Houston who was an Honorary Editor, Past President and Secretary of the European Orthodontic Society.

Every year, the interest from a trust, incorporating some of the Society’s reserves, is available to finance two awards, one for the best research paper and the other for the best poster, presenting the results of original, unpublished research, of a topic of orthodontic interest at the annual Congress.  The winners will be given a certificate and a prize of £2000 (or the Euro equivalent).


  1. Papers and posters under combined authorship are eligible provided that the senior author gives written confirmation that the work is mainly that of the junior author.
  2. Papers and posters must be presented personally, in English, by the first named author, who must have been a member of the Society for a minimum of two consecutive years, under the age of 40 years, and who must have registered for the Congress and paid the appropriate registration fee in full.
  3.  The applicants for the research awards shall indicate their desire to enter for the award on the abstract form for the next Congress indicating whether it is to be considered for the lecture or the poster award.  They shall submit, by email by the 1st December, with the abstract, a paper, double-spaced on not more than 10 pages of A4 including the references, on the research project.  Tables and figures in addition to the main paper should be kept to a minimum.  Reports from independent expert referees may be obtained and made available to the Committee who will then indicate to the applicant whether it has been accepted for a poster or a lecture session.  The decision of the Committee will be final.
  4. The prizes will be judged by two panels of three judges.  One panel consisting of the Immediate Past President, a member of the Executive and another member of the Council will judge the prize for the best paper.  The second panel will judge the prize for the best poster and will consist of the Honorary Secretary/Treasurer, the Chair of the Scientific Committee, and one ordinary member involved in orthodontic teaching. The panels of judges will be appointed by the Council and a report will be given to the Council meeting.
  5. The prizes shall be judged as soon as possible and the recipients of the awards informed by the President who will report the decisions to Council.
  6.  The Society reserves the right to withdraw or withhold funds from the W J B Houston Award dependent on the resources available and may modify the amount of the award.
  7. The Award Committees may withhold the award should the submissions be considered to be inadequate. The decisions of the Committees will be final.